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mutants and ravens and fandoms oh my

My name's Quill. I'm 20 years old, cis, female. I write on occasion and never finish any of it. I draw a bit even though I'm not very good at it. Mostly, I roleplay. Like, seriously that's my free time, you can message me whenever and I will roleplay with you, about anything.
I like to blog about dead kids, serial murderers in hoodies, corvids, and adorable fuzzy tube-bodied mammals. There's a more complete list of my fandoms and blogging preferences in that little tab up there. Aside from reblogging that stuff, I tend to chatter about dumb thoughts that pop into my head over the course of the day.
Jul 31 '14


is it 4 am

what the fuck

who allowed this to happen

i would like to speak to management

Jul 31 '14

"i think kira is…an affluent child."

"…i like it. go on."

you would

Jul 31 '14

it’s been seven years and l is still adorable and i love him goddammit why did i do this

Jul 31 '14

sighs and adds naomi misora to the list of fictional women who must be protected at all costs (even though they are totally capable of protecting themselves b/c they kick ass)

Jul 31 '14

gets unreasonably angry about raye penber being a sexist piece of shit

no you don’t get to talk down to your fiancee like that you are talking to the lady who solved the los angeles bb murder cases you step the fuck off sir

Jul 31 '14

apparently 2 am is the perfect time to start re-reading death note

Jul 31 '14

you all know how in media there’s like, the devil spawn child

just like, single-mindedly dedicated to making all the adults in the vicinity  completely miserable for no reason at all

i’ve never encountered one before. i’ve seen screaming children but like, they were hungry or tired or their parent said no you can’t push the buttons or some other stupid reason children cry

but this one, today…she was devil spawn. she was screaming to scream, to make a nuisance of herself, specifically intending to make her mother upset and miserable. and it was working. we even offered her a free lollipop to calm her down, and all she did was scream about how she wanted another one.

i’ve never encountered such an awful, awful child. i never want to again. that was legitimately one of the worst things i’ve had to deal with since i’ve been working.

Jul 31 '14

by the way, today’s lucky number is seven.

that is the amount of screaming children i had to directly interact with today. seven spoiled screeching bodily-fluid-encrusted children.

i told one of the cashiers i’m never having children and she just gave me a knowing, sympathetic nod.

Jul 31 '14



Some days I really need to silence the little voice in the back of my head that’s saying “oh, this is too self-indulgent / tropey / unrealistic, I shouldn’t put it in the story”

and remember that it’s fanfiction

and I’m writing it

so who else should I be indulging?

YEP. It’s all well and good to write high noble pieces of art meant to say Great Things about Life, but sometimes there’s just nothing like a good old-fashioned Pretend Marriage Telepathic Secret Spy AU.

Jul 30 '14






since so many people are a fan of my insults, i’ve made a curse-free insult generator at the request of a very enthusiastic anon

here u go, bud


you are such a sordid pumpkin seed I s2g


derisory peanut.