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Oct 9 '11

"What if your mother had been pro-choice?"




I just gotta say, there is nothing scarier than being threatened with an alternate timeline.


When will anti-choicers get it through their thick skulls that BEING PRO-CHOICE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL ONLY EVER HAVE ABORTIONS?

My theoretical pro-choice mother could very well have chosen to carry me to term.

Choice: that’s the whole fucking point.

Not even alternate timeline, my mother is pro-choice!


Back in my mother’s early pregnancy, test results came back that I could have been born with a spinal deformity, leaving me without the use of my legs. It was very hard on both my parents, but obviously I was not born with a deformity and everything turned out alright.

I asked my mother what she would have done if it turned out I would be born with the deformity, if she would have aborted me. ‘No,’ she told me. She would have looked into treatment and therapy, and had me anyway.

My mother is pro-choice. My mother was in a situation where aborting me was a reasonable option. She didn’t, and I, for one, and pretty happy about that.

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    Back in my mother’s early pregnancy, test results came back that I could have been born with a spinal deformity, leaving...
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    My mother is pro-choice. I really want someone to explain to me the point of pondering this -_-
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    Hell, my grandparents were pro-choice. Because I didn’t exist yet and my mother did; they love her and thus wanted to...
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    Someone can still be pro-choice and not get an abortion.
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    I was actually almost aborted because a lab tech made an error with a decimal point and the incorrect number implied...
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    Perhaps you’d be born with a Time-head?
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    My mother is pro-choice. GUESS WHO’S STILL ALIVE.
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    As above, my mother is and was pro-choice, and had not only me, but FOUR OTHER KIDS, and hasn’t ever had an abortion....
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    … Lolololol, best part is,...She’s had an abortion. But look! I’m her DAUGHTER. So, there...
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    If my mom would have been pro-choice, then fucking fine! I could’ve been an only child, and I’m cool with that.
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    My mother is on the board of Planned Parenthood in my home state. She helped open the first Planned Parenthood clinic...
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