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mutants and ravens and fandoms oh my

I'm Quill. 21 years old, white, demigirl (she/her pronouns). I like to blog about vidya games, fictional serial murderers in hoodies, corvids, and mutated monstrosities. There's a more complete list of my fandoms in that tag up there.
If you need anything tagged, please let me know!

Posts tagged worldbuilding

Jul 24 '14

writing some things about this ideo character i like

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Jun 26 '14

i got bored at work today so i wrote about a guy who works for the ideo

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Apr 29 '14

so zach and i were tossing around ideas for this fantasy verse and we established i would be a biomancer that would create chimeras and creatures to sell as commodities or commissioned by the city to serve as guards or living weaponry and stuff and i had a lot of ideas but one idea was a guard dog that would patrol with the city guard and i thought about it a lot today so i’mma talk about it yeah

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Feb 10 '14

i forgot today i had an idea

it’s about a world where there are a set number of souls in the world, so every time a person dies, another person will be born with that soul, so everyone on the planet is just a reincarnation of someone else. inside every new body is a spark of magic, and it’s fueled by the sparks carried over from every old body the soul has inhabited, so the more times a person has be reincarnated, the more powerful their magic is—and if their souls has been focused on one particular form of magic over its lifetimes, the person will be really good at that one type of magic. but there are also people who are called “sparkers”, who have the magic spark but their souls have not focused on one type of magic, so they aren’t very good at any magic.

so the protagonist would be a sparker, who pretty much can’t use magic at all, having to cope in a world where, since it’s modern day and everyone has reincarnated so many times, almost everyone else she knows is super-good at magic, and as the story goes on, they discover that the protagonist isn’t just a sparker, they’re actually a brand new soul, which hasn’t happened basically ever, and there’s these long-reaching repercussions of there being a new soul in a world that’s so reliant on having this exact number of souls to keep things balanced.

May 22 '13

I remembered a couple of OCs I missed in my list yesterday and also a quick line that I think sums up Hayes’s girlfriend pretty well. I really like her I wish I could think of a name for her.

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May 22 '13

A compilation of all the OCs I have that I have never had the opportunity to use/do not use nearly often enough.

(hint this means you should message me and we can do a roleplay with them)

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Apr 21 '13

so i had an idea today and i’m just gonna ramble about it b/c that’s what i do on my blog it’s in the title and all

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Aug 17 '12

Attempting to describe my idea of centaurs, then try and describe my Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I will most likely fail. Lots of horse terminology that I might in fact be using incorrectly.

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Jul 25 '12




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Jul 13 '12

Deamai capital names and more information on the Five!

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